REVIEW: Ascendant

ascendent-front-5x8BOOK: Ascendant
AUTHOR: Kyra Gregory
PAGES: 222
PUBLISHER: Kyra Gregory
MY RATING:  ★ ★ (2/5)

Growing up in the longest period of peace in Lionessa, Princess Sybelle never imagined that she’d one day have to fight to keep her kingdom. When her father dies, everything in Sybelle’s life changes. The once-peaceful kingdom is marked by war, her inexperience is mocked, and her sickly brother is used as a pawn in a political game that threatens to take what is rightfully hers.

When King Nero calls for her to marry his son, Sybelle knows what she must do to maintain control, but doing so will unleash a wickedness within her that could potentially prolong the war or possibly cause her to lose her kingdom.

Can the newly-appointed Queen succeed with so many obstacles in front of her?

Well I really wish I hadn’t waited so long to review this book cause it’s definitely not fresh in my mind right now, but also there was nothing that would have really made it resonate with me.

Ascendant is the story of Sybelle, a young princess whose mourning over the death of her father, the King, is cut short when her brother is kidnapped by a rival kingdom. With her new ascension to the throne, Sybelle must decide how to put her personal emotions aside to deal with the threat against her kingdom and keep her people at peace.

This book had such a slow beginning, but to be completely honest, the first major plot twist in this book completely threw me. It was dark and intriguing and completely shocking. I didn’t expect it, and I think it was arguably one of the only moments of true character development.

All in all, I didn’t really like Sybelle. Her character is meant to be portrayed as a strong female lead, but there isn’t much about her that really supported that or made me feel empowered. I felt like she cried too much and just came off as extremely whiny and self-absorbed. Even when she would talk to her best friend, the gay captain of the guard, it felt like she didn’t always take into account his thoughts and feelings, and it really bothered me.

It WAS pretty cool to see a gay character in this type of setting. I know that LGBTQ roles are becoming more and more prominent, but I still find them lacking in fantasy, so I did appreciate that aspect quite a bit.

“‘Your majesty, a raven is a terrible omen,’ she whispered, her mouth hanging open as Sybelle extended her fingers delicately to stroke the birds feathers.
Sybelle laughed softly, leaning into the bird with an amused smile growing onto her features, ‘You are weeks too late,’ she told him in a quiet voice.”

Overall, it’s just not a memorable story. The dark undertones of this story had so much potential, but it just fell flat. The characters are uninteresting, the kingdoms at war plot was unoriginal, the romance was bland, and it was a whole lot of talk with little action. NOTHING REMARKABLE HAPPENS.

While I don’t regret this read, I can’t say I’ll be seeking out the second book in this series.


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