REVIEW: Sweet Liar

BOOK: Sweet Liar25215823
AUTHOR: Debra Doxer
PAGES: 235
PUBLISHER: Debra Doxer
MY RATING: ★ ★ ★ (3.5/5)

Sometimes lies are sweeter than the truth.

Beauty is alluring; it can disguise the ugliness beneath. But scarred beauty is even more potent to a girl who vowed never to let her heart be broken again. It was an easy vow for Candy to keep until she met Jonah, an arrogant boy with a face that would be too perfect if not for the scar that marred the skin beside his eye.

That imperfect boy earned her trust and won her heart, but the ties that bind people together are fragile, especially when lies are told. Trust is also fragile, and once broken, doesn’t heal like a heart. Trust has to be earned again, and Jonah desperately wants Candy’s trust back.

But Candy has more than Jonah to worry about. Her father is in trouble, and she intends to help him whether he likes it or not. People tell her he’s a bad man, and that may be true, but he’s not all bad. Deep down, she understands his brand of badness because she’s so much like him.

When Candy finally learns the truth, she’ll have to grow up fast, let go of old grievances, and realize that being vulnerable doesn’t make her weak. In fact, opening herself up may be the very thing that makes her whole again.

I received an electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have no idea how I somehow managed to miss that this was the second book in a series when I requested it. I’ll really have to give the first a read, especially since this book picks up literally right in the middle of all the heat that I’m assuming leaves off in book one. Like, literally right in the middle of an important scene.

So, keeping in mind that I’m reviewing this without having read the first book, I’m giving this a rating of 3.5 stars. This book was a pleasant surprise, truthfully I’ve been reading some pretty non exciting YA lately, but this did not disappoint. And I was shocked because for awhile there some of the plot elements were making me question where this was going. A secret organization that is exempt from the law, but isn’t related to the government, FBI or CIA? Can you see why I had my doubts?

The fact is, Debra Doxer does a really good job of writing about this organization without the cheesiness one might assume. I appreciated the characters and the struggles they went through. While I feel I probably missed a lot of character development from book one, specifically in the case of Candy, I still latched onto her character and was rooting for her from the get-go.

There’s a wedge driven between the love interest and I felt like it was a legitimate obstacle, one that Candy handled pretty maturely. I was rooting for her particularly for that reason. She wasn’t handling her challenges in a childish manner which can be an issue sometimes in YA, one that turns me off.

I’d like to say more but I feel like I shouldn’t until I read the first book!


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