REVIEW: Karma Patrol

BOOK: Karma Patrolkarmapatrolsmall
AUTHOR: Kate Miller
PAGES: 240
PUBLISHER: Curiosity Quills
MY RATING: ★ ★ ★ (2.5/5)

As a karmic account enforcer, Jade Bailey makes sure that what goes around comes around. Jade has dedicated her life to Karma Division, and in return she’s expecting her own personal fairytale, complete with her dream job and love at first sight with a tall, dark, and handsome soulmate.

After more than a decade of waiting, her destined soulmate still hasn’t turned up, but a stellar annual performance review from the Powers That Be puts Jade at the top of the promotion list. All she has to do is maintain her territory’s karmic balance until the selection process is over. Naturally, a deranged shooter picks the next day to start a rampage that threatens to destroy the karmic balance of Midtown West – and, incidentally, any chance Jade has of earning that long-awaited promotion.

Unwilling to give up despite warnings from her boss, who knows the shadowy Destiny Division won’t appreciate Jade’s interference, Jade starts her own investigation. In the next shooting, she nearly becomes a victim herself, but she can’t prove her near-death experience is anything but a coincidence. Detective Luke Jackson, Jade’s unwitting and extremely unwilling soulmate, arrives on the scene to investigate. Instead of falling head over heels in love with her, Luke suspects her of being involved in the murders.

If Jade wants her fairytale ending, she’ll have to convince her soulmate she isn’t a killer while trying to catch the real culprit, a task made more difficult and infinitely more dangerous when Jade becomes the killer’s next target.

I received an advanced reading copy of this publication in exchange for an honest review.

That feel when it seems you’re the only person who doesn’t particularly enjoy the book.

But let me tell you why.

Karma Patrol is not an unbearable book to read. It’s certainly a unique story line – I’ve never read anything like it. But it all felt a bit too convenient. A good book starts with a good character, and although we share a name, I could not find myself warming up to Jade Bailey. I admired that she had set a goal in her career that she was very determined to meet, but I couldn’t even slightly relate to her Southern Belle persona or her complex Starbucks order.

Jade is a karmic account enforcer. Basically, karma and destiny are real things, and Jade works for a secret branch of society that looks out for the karmic balance in individual districts, making sure that people meet their karmic destinies whether they be bad or good. Jade takes immense pride in her abilities and she is up for a huge promotion if she can keep her numbers steady for the next month. Of course that is when everything starts to go wrong. A serial killer starts making his way through Jade’s territory, throwing off her karmic balance and threatening the lives of innocent people.

This is how Jade meets Luke. Luke is a detective with the police department and also happens to be Jade’s soulmate. Yes, soulmates are a real thing, too, but only for the lucky few. (Can you see how it all starts to feel a bit convenient?) Jade’s very close friend, who also works in this secret Destiny division of society, is a matchmaker whose sole job is to match people with their soulmates. While most don’t know that Destiny division and soulmates are a real thing, Jade has always known her other half is out there and clings to the fact that she’s finally found out who he is.

Luke, however, is a lone wolf type, and though he finds Jade attractive, he feels he is better suited by himself. So Jade tells him that he is her soulmate.

Think for a second how that would sound if someone was saying this to you, someone you barely know. I’d be running for the hills. But Luke barely reacts. He denies the possibility, but doesn’t write off Jade, and then literally the next day he is at her door like “yeah, okay, lets do this”. No, no, no. This whole insta-love thing COMPLETELY turned me off from this book. While the whole story feels a little too idealistic, this was the point that I gave up.

I finished the book, but even the story didn’t come to any great exciting finish. It was very anticlimactic. It’s left wide open for a sequel, which I assume there will be, but not a whole lot really gets solved, and it’s disappointing because the whole relationship aspect could have been more developed in the sequel instead of rushing some instant love mush right off the bat while having disregard for the actual intrigue of the mystery.

I wanted to like this book, I really did. Right from the moment I saw it’s lovely cover. Unfortunately it just didn’t keep my interest, and I can’t see myself picking up the sequel in the future.


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