DEALS: Book Outlet Crafting 50/50

Each week Book Outlet has a new selection of 50 titles at an additional 50% off. This week’s theme is crafting. Since I can almost always find SOMETHING I would buy, I’ve decided to share my sale picks with you!


star-trek-cross-stitchBe still my nerdy little heart! I’m so in love with the cross-stitch trend coming back into style and I’ve seen so many cute pieces I’d love to mount on my wall. The possibilities are endless, so what could make it better? How about throwing some geek into the mix? I have no idea how to cross-stitch, but for only $4.54, this book could convince a girl to try.


Ever wondered what Spock would look like on a baby’s onesie? Well, now you can see, in this fun collection of thirty cross-stitch projects made with love by Star Trek fans. If you’re looking for ideas for putting your favorite character on a tote bag or pillow; or perhaps hanging a lovely framed “Qo’noS Sweet Qo’noS” in the entryway to let everyone know that a Klingon-speaker lives here; then look no farther. Whether you’re a lifelong Trekkie or just a Starfleet cadet, you can show your Star Trek pride by decorating your home, your clothes, and your children with cross-stitched Star Trek quotes and iconic images.


9781904991786-lAs an interior design student, the idea of organization gets me excited. As a book lover, I can think of nothing better than seeing my collection neatly displayed on my shelf. There’s just something about about everything having a place that makes me feel good. It’s a new year, what a better way to get organized than with a little help from this book? For just $4.54, Quick & Easy Handmade Storage might be just the kick you need to help clear the clutter from your life.


Lack of efficient storage is a common, and often overwhelming, problem. However, there is an easy answer–build your own storage. Quick and Easy Handmade Storage contains 23 efficient, smart, and simple-to-make projects offering storage solutions for all kinds of items, from linen to books to the TV, plus ideas for customizing the cabinet with an integrated wine rack, or under-bed drawers, or an ingenious rolling cupboard for under the stairs. With the correct storage, you’ll see how easy it is to clear your clutter.


Okay, admittedly, my life probably doesn’t need another coloring book (especially if I’m taking any advice from the previous book), but can you really go wrong? Adult coloring books are still going strong, and what could be a more fun and relaxing way to kill your time and get your creative juices flowing? Get the Mystical Menagerie coloring book for just $4.24!


Step into a magical woodland world of animals and add beautiful colors and detail everywhere. Stunning bunnies, birds, and other wild creatures appear in both elaborate landscapes and appealing close-ups. Each picture will enchant artists and encourage them to use their creativity as they fill in such features as a peacock’s elaborate plumage. As you draw, and gaze upon images of nature’s wonders, you’ll feel the day’s tension effortlessly slip away.

That about wraps up my picks for the week! You can see all 50 books on this weeks Book Outlet sale here. Let me know which ones you’re excited about! Happy shopping.

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